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Howard A. YoungHoward A. Young, M.S. ’71, Ph.D. ’74, received the Honorary Life Membership Award from the International Cytokine and Interferon Society for his outstanding contributions to research in the field. Young is pictured with ICIS President Dr. Tadatsu Taniguchi.


Edward Kelly, Ph.D. ’96 (biochemistry), writes, “Since graduating from biochemistry, I completed a post-doc in molecular toxicology in the lab of our graduate-school dean (David Eaton). I then had a brief foray into the Seattle biotech scene (Targeted Genetics) before returning to the UW, where I am now an associate professor of pharmaceutics in the School of Pharmacy. My research is focused on preclinical biology and drug safety testing, developing ex vivo models as alternatives to animal testing. This includes a project jointly funded by NIH and NASA to send our kidney ‘chip’ to the International Space Station, highlighted at the Northwest Kidney Centers’ annual gala.” See the accompanying video featuring Dr. Kelly.

Residents and Fellows


Gordon W. Keating, M.D., Res. ’74 (Psychiatry/Behavioral Sciences), writes, “After 44 years in private practice as a psychiatrist/psychotherapist in Seattle, I am retiring my practice at the end of this September. I, however am not retiring and intend to continue working to support the growth and development of people. We as Humans Beings are designed for growth and development our entire lives and this allows for us to thrive and forward life in areas we care about. I am looking for opportunities to use my skills and expertise in human communication and development in support of the University of Washington’s new Population Health Initiative which aims to support all people leading healthy lives.”


M. Michael Massumi, M.D., Res. ’88 (Physical Medicine & Rehab), is in private practice at Massumi Associates. He writes, “Our services in Rockville, MD, extend to the whole of the USA National Capital Area. We also remain in service to the Baltimore Metropolitan area — now in our 28th year through our office in Towson, MD, in physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain management, neuromuscular electrodiagnostics, and arthritis and related disorders. If you find yourself on Kenilworth Drive and West Rd. in Towson, Maryland on Monday or Friday, or on Shady Grove Rd and Research Blvd in Rockville, Maryland on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, please step in to say hello. Our sign is visible from the road — addresses of both clinics on our website,”


Thomas T. Sato, M.D., Res. ’91 (General Surgery), Fel. ’93 (General Surgery), is the CEO of Children’s Specialty Group, the 540 member pediatric specialty practice at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. He is a Professor of Surgery in the Division of Pediatric Surgery and the Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs at The Medical College of Wisconsin.


Anne M. McTiernan, M.D., Ph.D., Res. ’92 (Internal Medicine), writes, “I recently published a coming-of-age memoir, Starved: A Nutrition Doctor’s Journey from Empty to Full (Central Recovery Press, 2016).”


Mahnaz Lary, M.D., Fel. ’95 (Hematology), writes, “Fellowship at UW Dept. of Hematology.”


Peter M. Rhee, M.D., Fel. ’95 (Surgical Critical Care), Fel. ’96 (General Surgery), writes, “New job as Senior Vice President and Chief of Acute Care Surgery at Grady Hospital in Atlanta Georgia.”


Jenn Zumsteg, M.D., Res. ’09 (Physical Medicine & Rehab), is the UW Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Residency Program director and holder of the Rehabilitation Medicine Residency Director Endowed Professorship. Readers can find out more about this residency program at


Kelsey Watters, MOT ’11, writes, “I’ve been working at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (now called the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab) since I graduated from the UW Department of Occupational Therapy in 2011. I’ve started doing some teaching of my own at local clinics and universities, which has been an interesting twist. I’ve followed the work of one of my former professors (Dr. Janet Powell) and focused my practice on traumatic brain injury, cognition and vision. They are areas of practice that challenge me daily, but definitely keep me on my toes!”


Andrea G. Menin, MOT ’14, writes, “I’m the school occupational therapist for two school districts at Lake Chelan, and loving the school environment. I live in a hand-built log house and go swimming and skiing, depending on the season. I appreciate the training and education from the University, and love seeing medical students cycle through our local hospital, as well as my fellow UW OT, Jannel Mikkelson.”


Suzie Kwon, MOT ’16, writes, “I graduated from the occupational therapy program, passed the boards, started my first job as an OTR/L in acute care, and got married! You could say 2016–2017 was a big year for me! Here’s a picture of me and my classmates (l to r: Kit Johnston, Sheila Dashestani, Suzie Kwon and Aleks Mazurek) at my wedding.”

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