Oh, the Places They’ll Go!

Meet two M.D. graduates as they head off to residency


In March 2018, the UW School of Medicine’s graduating class came together for Match Day to find out where they’ll be going for their residencies. We talked to two of them about their next phase.

Isaye S. Barton

Specialty: internal medicine
Residency location: University of Illinois, Chicago

What — or who — was your inspiration to become a doctor?
My inspiration for becoming a physician was my childhood pediatrician — an African-American woman I viewed as a role model. During high school and college, I recognized that the intersection of science, advocacy, innovation and education that permeates medicine was exactly what I desired in a career. This, combined with the calling to serve others during their most vulnerable moments, made me fall in love with medicine.

Do you plan to teach?
I want to teach, mentor and serve my community — particularly students of color interested in science and healthcare, who have historically been left out of mainstream medical training.

How did scholarships help you?
Many students get into significant debt traveling around the country to interview for residency positions. The scholarships I received helped to offset my travel expenses, with enough left over to pay back some of my student loans. I’m so grateful to donors who make that possible for students like me!

What’s on your mind as you move on to the next phase?
The transition from being a student, whose sole job is to learn, to being a doctor who is responsible for the lives of others is daunting. However, I am confident that the training I have received will serve me well as an intern, and I look forward to seeing the doctor I will become.

What are you most looking forward to about Chicago?
I’m looking forward to exploring Chicago’s food scene — I hear deep dish is only the tip of the iceberg!

Jenna Schmidt

Specialty: family medicine
Residency location: SeaMar Family Medicine Residency, Marysville, Washington

What drew you to medicine?
Medicine is the perfect intersection of science and humanity, where the heart and the mind meet. Sharing the joy of seeing a baby draw its first breath, feeling the gravity of speaking with patients and family members about terminal diagnoses and supporting people in their time of need provides incredible insights into our own lives and communities.

What opportunities did scholarships open up for you?
Scholarships have enabled me to pursue opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford. I did a global health immersion program between my first and second year, where I worked with organizations in Jodhpur, India, to evaluate methods for measuring child malnutrition and to develop training for local healthcare workers. I am humbled by the amazing generosity of those who fund scholarships and hope to pass on that gift to others.

What does the future hold?
I intend to return to rural Alaska to practice full-spectrum family medicine with a focus on high-risk obstetric care.

Besides learning, how will you spend your time in Washington?
I’m looking forward to getting to know the communities of Everett and Marysville. My extended family is scattered all over the state, so I’m especially looking forward to spending time with all the new additions to the family, since many of my cousins are due this summer!

Learn more about our students and see Match Day photos at: huddle.uwmedicine.org/people/in-the-community/ready-set-match.

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